About Us

Welcome! Thank you for reading about who we are and what our mission is!

Who we are

Our mission is to create affordable and natural bath products that are not only essential to use, but help boost your overall health. Before modern luxuries bath products were made to help boost the bodies natural healing abilities, and here at Heart Song we want to help your body perform at its best.

My name is Kaya, and I started this company in middle school to help people like my brother, one of the coolest and funniest guys I know. My brother has Autism, Bi-polar, and Tourettes Syndrome Plus. This doesn't make him less, but many employers saw him that way and fair and appropriate work environments were hard to come by.

I began to see the difficulty my brother had in finding job placement that would seek to find his different abilities as a focal point, and help him to work in conjunction with his limitations. I wanted him to feel safe, calm, and find a passion in going to work every day. I dreamed of a company where people like my brother could work in different areas making products that helped people, made people feel luxurious, and be beneficial for my community with a fun filled place to work!

Inspired by companies that hired individuals with different abilities, and a story of 2 thirteen year old sisters who started in their basement with bath bombs and grew to be a staple at Target, I began to think I could take the products I already make for my family and friends and build something for my brother and I. We started this company in middle school, and at first we could only make products on Saturdays as we were both in school and our mother put education first. Then we started to grow older and in our customer base! As my brother got ready for graduation day, he felt confident that he was welcome and had a wonderful place to work, and with your continued help we can keep growing so others like my brother have a fun place to work!

Studying all things botanical and medicinal at Parker Chiropractic University, I am finishing my doctorate as a Chiropractor and Holistic practitioner. With a focus on natural healing, I plan to make sure that I continue to have Heart Song for generations to come. Check our our products, and if you have questions or special health concerns our aromatherapist or I would love to make something customized for you.

Hi, my name is Mic! I have Autism, Bipolar, and Tourettes; but it doesn't mean thats all I am! I'm good at Art and Drawing. Someday I think I want to be a sketch artist for the local police detectives or maybe just draw comin books.

My sister started Heart Song for me. I'm proud of her. We work together and make things to help you feel better and to feel beautiful, we hope you like them. I am developing a line called the super hero line, I hope you try it out when it comes out. Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!

About our Products

To ensure freshness, we obtain all of our raw materials in small batches and bottle as needed in glass apothecary jars. This means all of our products are made in small batches, this is why we often run out of products and may take 2-8 weeks for some products to be re-stocked. This is a very different retail experience from what customers are used to, and we’re excited about that because this shows you that we do not use artificial stabilizers or additives.

We offer a Fresh Refill program where you can come in and refill your empty bottles and receive a discount (helping us reduce waste together). - Currently email us for covid-19 acceptable rules.

Currently our line is being carried at Ravenwolfe Health & Wellness in Texas, Missouri and the North Carolina locations. Future plans include teaming up with more holistic healthcare providers and holistic spas in Illinois & Florida.

We keep our prices low due to low overhead. We don't have a fancy website or a huge PR team, so your word of mouth and referrals are what help keep our little business alive. Like our products, share us with your friends and family and help us grow! The bigger we grow, the more chances we have to help others like my brother and his friends.