Please note,that we often refer to the medical value of botanical ingredients. This of course has not been backed by the FDA (they make us say that) and the effects of these ingredients are readily available via the web or your local botanical shops/classes/etc. We encourage you to research all products for the medical value as a holistic supplement, and not as an "only solution" to certain health ailments. We also encourage you to test all products on your skin for possible reactions before using.

Have more questions? Call (682) 651-5949‬ or email info@heartsong.us today!


  • Can I do a custom scent? - Yes, email us at info@heartsong.us today and let us start planning our perfect scent!
  • Do you sent gift baskets? - Yes! Our gift baskets are called Love Baskets, and we customize each one perfect for you.
  • What payment methods do you accept? - Cash, Credit Card, and Gift Cards.
  • Do you offer gift cards? - Yes! Click here to get a online gift card!


  • How are your products scented? - We use the finest quality Essential Oils, herbs, flowers, etc. never harsh chemicals. We believe that real ingredients are the key to the best products.
  • Why don't your products have a better color range? - To allow our products to stay natural, we only use oils, plants, etc. to color our products. This often means that our products may appear "dingy" "dull." Although we love to look at bright and sparkly things too, we want to give our bodies clean and natural products; like a detox plan for our skin!
  • Why do you not offer bigger sizes? - That's a great question! Our society is so used to the "bigger is better" mentality, that often companies take shortcuts or use sub-par ingredients in their products to obtain this. More often than not, a product will expire before it is used, and money has been discarded. This is both wasteful to our dwindling resources and our pocketbooks. Growing up with a single mother, My brother and I decided that we wanted to make sure that we priced things small enough to be affordable and with as little waste as possible allowing everyone to be able to afford all natural clean ingredients that can help their bodies holistically.


  • How much does shipping cost? - Shipping is $15.00 flat rate, and 20.00 for orders with Sugar Scrub Large Jars.
  • Can I pick my order up? - Yes! We do local pick up's weekly, once an order has been processed.