Covid-19 FAQ

Due to Covid-19 we are taking extra precautions to make sure that your products are as perfect as they have always been.

We have limited our staff in the labs to no more than 2 creators at a time, and all our products are handmade, our production is slower than before. We know that you love and want our products as soon as possible, but we ask you to be patient as we want to be as diligent to your products as ever before.

Our labs have always been cleaned and disinfected before and every batch of products we make, nothing will change in this. We will daily monitor our staff, taking daily temps throughout the day and monitoring overall health. If a staff member become ill, we will terminate any batches made by that creator within two weeks.

All products will be required to shelf for two weeks prior to sending, as we want to make sure we do not need to address recalls.

If you have any concerns about our practices, products or any questions we have not addressed please email us at

Your health is our Heart's Song!