Bath Fizzies

Available in Large and Small size shipments!

Lavender Fields

Milk & Honey Oatmeal

All natural

Orange Peel

Golden Quidditch Flyer

Wizard's Choice

Candy Corn (Seasonal)

Gingerbread (Seasonal)

Father Christmas (Seasonal)

List of Available Scents

  • All Natural - No fragrances, No colourings

  • Black Magic - Black Salts, Patchouli, Vanilla

  • Cucumber Melon - Sweet melon, crisp cucumber seeds, and a touch of grapefruit

  • Calming Lavender - Calming Lavender, handsome Bergamont

  • Gender Revealing - Drop one in the water and see the water turn Pink, Blue or reveal a secret message that you have twins!

  • The Goddess

  • Meditation & Inspiration - Find a secret, and customizable, message when you drop this bath bomb in the bath; these are perfect for engagements and teachers gifts!

  • Milk & Honey Oatmeal - Goats Milk, Honey, Oatmeal & almond (this can be removed upon request) help sensitive skin

  • Orange Peel

  • Rose Petal - Romantic Roses blend with soft Vanilla

  • Scent of the Month (varies)

  • Strawberries & Champagne, Easter Fluff, Candy Corn, Cotton Candy, Root Beer, Pumpkin Latte, Peppermint Mocha, Candy Cane, Father Christmas, Gingerbread (Seasonal)

  • Wizard's Choice & Golden Quidditch Flyer - 4 house colours to choose from, or have the Wizard's hat choose for you. Colour reveals when placed in the bath! Check your Quidditch ability and catch a Golden Quidditch Flyer!

  • Wizard's Stone - Drop this bath bomb in water, and be amazed as it reveals a special crystal just for you charged and ready to work!

  • Custom orders - Please email for custom scents

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